Maria conducted her graduate studies at the Tanz Centre for Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases at the University of Toronto. Her research focused on the transmission of a Parkinson’s disease-related protein and how it contributes to cell pathology. While she enjoyed the intellectual challenge of research, she missed the community involvement that had been an integral part of her undergraduate years. This led to a volunteer role, and later staff position, at a national Parkinson’s health charity where Maria combines her excitement for research with her passion for outreach. Through her work as an educator, Maria engages with patients and caregivers directly, and has seen the importance of the reciprocal relationship between scientists and broader communities.

NTTO booth at the 2017 TAVES Consumer Electronics Show.

Maria is also an active member of NeuroTechX, a global organization made up of neurotechnology enthusiasts set on driving innovation. Their mission is to accelerate progress in this field by fostering collaborations and linking members to key resources as well as learning opportunities. Currently, she is working as an editor for the upcoming NeuroTechnology Primer and is co-lead of the NeuroTechX Diversity Initiative. Previously, as part of the executive team for her local chapter, Maria orchestrated a number large-scale, academic and public events to raise awareness about neurotech.

W33359172_10160432258235346_5248178696858107904_nhen she is not working, Maria enjoys comedy and trying new restaurants. If you have any questions about her writing, outreach, or how to make a killer tomato sauce, please reach out!

Twitter: @mariaisdopamine
LinkedIn: Maria Marano